The Human Factor

Promoting your business is a daunting prospect these days. There are so many options to advertise your goods or services that it can be difficult to choose exactly which way to go. But one of the most overlooked forms of advertising is making somewhat of a comeback. After years of being classed as an outdated way of advertising, it appears promotional staff are back in vogue.

There have always been occasions when promotional staff have been highly visible. Many glamorous social events and high profile sporting fixtures have always used professional front of house representatives to give a bit of sparkle to an event. Not only that, high street retailers and financial companies often call in the services of promoters when a big sale or new product needs that extra oomph. Billboards, TV and radio campaigns, online marketing, they all have their place, but they all lack that tangible human quality. A face-to-face encounter with a professional promoter who is actively selling your brand can be a powerful tool. Potential customers are not likely to forget a face or a genuine conversation, and if the staff are sincere, polite, and engaging, chances are your brand will reap the rewards.


Promote an Event 

Promote an EventIf there’s ever a good time time to mix business with pleasure it’s at a company event. These are the times when prospective clients and business associates are invited to socialise and network with the best your company has to offer. That all sounds like a recipe for success, but unfortunately some businesses might not have the people with the necessary skills to wine and dine new customers. Not everyone is a gracious host or hostess, and occasionally it might be wise to have a natural conversation flourish through socially orientated event staff. To have a team of friendly hosts on hand can really help break the ice, and having a third party organise and administer the small stuff allows the company employees to relax and focus more on networking.


Who Provides this Service? 

provide serviceThere are several companies throughout Australia who offer this service.  In Sydney and Melbourne event staff from Gaston Management can cover all the needs of even the largest meetings.  From receptionists and hosts to supervisors and managers, all professionally trained and focused on making an event a successful occasion. Companies like Gaston Management brief their staff on promotional sales techniques as much as general event hosting. The industry has moved forward in recent years, and the realisation that staff need to be able to sell a brand as well as provide social interaction has now set modern staff management companies apart from traditional ones. With the likelihood of these companies becoming ever more popular the skills of the event staff will become increasingly more sophisticated. This is of huge benefit to companies who want to network their business at a social level, and to all other event guests who will surely enjoy a great occasion.

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