It Really Needs to be Foam or Rubber

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep, but unfortunately many of us at some point will suffer from insomnia. It’s a condition which has far reaching effects on our well-being, and, if not addressed, can have a serious impact on our health.

The causes of sleeplessness can be many: environmental factors, stress, or medical issues are a few of the most common problems. However on many occasions there is a direct link between low quality bedding and a person’s poor sleeping habits. Traditional spring mattresses are now being replaced with more modern foam and rubber alternatives, and the benefits for a user can be instant and quite dramatic. Not only have modern mattresses been designed for superior comfort but they are also thoroughly tested against potential allergens. There is now a growing  awareness of the possible dangers of not using  hypoallergenic materials in a host of day-to-day items, with cosmetics, clothing, and bedding being of special concern to the average consumer.

mattressIn Australia high quality foam mattresses  can be purchased from a number of high street retailers. The public’s demand for a suitable alternative to traditional spring mattresses has forced suppliers to be much more aware of this new trend in the market.


Flaws in the Spring

foamFor many people the prospect of returning to a spring mattress after using a foam or rubber one is not an option.  Flaws inherent in the traditional spring mattress only become apparent after it has been compared to a modern mattress.  The uneven support offered from springs will do very little to aid those who suffer from backache or arthritis, while foam and rubber has been proven to give lasting relief to a number of muscular and skeletal complaints.

Also, spring mattresses have a shorter life span than foam and yet have comparably similar costs.  They seldom have a warranty which can match foam or rubber, and due to the natural decline of the spring’s colis there will  ultimately be a sagging effect in the mattress.  Finally, though not as common as previously, spring mattresses have been known to cause injury to users after prolonged periods of use.  This is unlikely to happen if a mattress is replaced every eight years or less, but there have been reported incidents of overused spring mattresses causing serious harm. Foam and rubber mattresses, although recommended for change after 8 years, are no more likely to cause harm or discomfort if used for a greater number of years.


Too many people are still suffering the ill effects of spring mattresses without researching the benefits of foam or rubber.  The likelihood that a change in mattress would bring far reaching benefits to the user is very probable.  With the price of both now very competitive, it could be an ideal time to make that change. There is little to lose and a lot to gain.

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