The Popularity of Disposable Gloves

In today’s workplace it is essential to have the right PPE for every task. Employees need access to the appropriate protection if the job is to be completed safely and to a professional standard. Disposable gloves have become a standard sight in most industries throughout Australia. Whether it be healthcare or construction or mechanical handling, the benefits of this type of protection has become more and more necessary.

rubber glovesThe origins of disposable glove use is within the medical field. Doctors, nurses, and medical orderlies routinely use latex gloves when dealing with patients. Blood and other bodily fluids can transfer a host of unwanted diseases and the need to keep medical staff safe is a motivating factor for disposable glove use in healthcare. However, over time many industries which have no obvious need for such a protection began to adopt the practice, and it is not uncommon to see a carpenter, painter, or mechanic don a pair of neoprene or nitrile gloves before embarking on a task. The benefits are clear to those who use them. Hazardous substances like paints, solvents, and degreasers can wreak havoc on the skin. Dermatitis has been an unwanted, and yet totally preventable, side effect to many construction and engineering jobs over the years. It is only in recent times that employers have been forced to address the issue of appropriate PPE and realised simple solutions to age old problems. In previous years many employees would compromise their health in an attempt to expedite a given task without taking time to consider the long term effects on their health. Thankfully in today’s workplace the supply of basic protective clothing and equipment has become a regulated standard, and most employees are aware that an employer is obliged to provide suitable PPE for any given task. It is now unacceptable to ask an employee to carry out any task which may require appropriate protection, and harsh penalties can be administered for employers who do not make provisions for their workforce.


protective uniformRight Equipment for the Right job

Hand protective material is easily one of the biggest selling PPE products in Australia, and disposable gloves from Bastion Pacific are amongst the most widely distributed item within that company. The relative low cost of latex, neoprene, and nitrile gloves have made them a firm favourite for a diverse group of businesses. However, there is still much confusion regarding the appropriate type of rubber for a given industry. At times businesses are buying overly expensive neoprene gloves when latex or nitrile would be much more suitable. The protective benefits for all these gloves are without doubt a great asset to employees, but employers should be more considerate regarding their purchases.  Some of these products have been designed for extended usability, but are disposed after a single use.  This is an uneconomical practice which persists in many industries, and one which can be easily corrected with advice from a retailer.

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