Non Toxic Solutions

It’s an age old problem, and one that will be with us for a long time to come. Pest control is as necessary in today’s society as it was hundreds of years ago. We appear to live in modern, clean cities and towns but unfortunately our habits and routines will always attract the attention of vermin

termiteWe are constantly fighting for territory with a host of relentless invaders who see our homes as an ideal living space. True, our way of life is much more sanitized than in previous years, but our very existence will always attract these unwelcome guests into our living areas. However, there are ways to limit the possibility of infestation. Our daily routines can be altered to dissuade many pests from encroaching on our personal living space: regular cleaning routines and a thorough garbage removal schedule will leave vermin with little opportunity to thrive. Also, a thoughtful attitude towards leftover food should always be implemented. Inconsequential things like leaving leftover food in a backyard for a pet, or a discarded child’s treat left in a garden will eventually attract the attention of any number of unwanted pests. These are good practices, and many home owners or business owners already follow such routines. But even with a considered approach to vermin control there are still occasions when an infestation will occur.  At these times it is important to contact a professional pest control company that can deal with the problem in a safe and humane manner.

get rid ratsFor many years the most popular and efficient way to rid a home or business of pests was through the use of poisons. However, this is now considered an unnecessarily cruel process.  Also, just as noteworthy, the use of poisons can have serious negative effects not only on vermin but also to a host of other flora and fauna which may be present. This has led to the use of non toxic commercial pest control as the standard system in most modern countries.  Today’s industry relies more on humanely dealing with the existing problem then focusing on preventing any further infestations. There will always be influencing factors which contribute to an infestation. Many times these will be unknown to a property owner, and at times, ouwith his control. A professional pest controller can then assess a situation and try to determine the source of the problem. Once this has been established there are various options available to prevent further outbreaks.

termite houseIn Australia, especially large metropolitan areas like Sydney, the need for professional pest control will always be in great demand. The negative effect an infestation can have on a home or commercial property is a serious consideration. Many business owners, particularly in healthcare or catering, can have irreparable damage done to their reputation if an infestation is discovered in their property. Good housekeeping skills are the best form of prevention, but even if there are the smallest signs of vermin present it would be prudent to contact a professional pest controller.

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